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Gräfin gesucht - Adel auf Brautschau
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In Deutschland leben rund sechs Millionen Single-Frauen. Und jede hofft, eines Tages ihren Traumprinzen zu finden. Jetzt ist ihre große Chance. In der Dating-Dokusoap ´Gräfin gesucht - Adel auf Brautschau´ suchen vier adelige Herren die Frau fürs Leben. Alle vier entstammen alten Adelsgeschlechtern und führen ein Leben wie im Bilderbuch. Sie leben in einem herrschaftlichen Zuhause, haben einen interessanten Beruf und exklusive Hobbys. Rundum glücklich sind Benedikt, Constantin, Michael und Moritz dennoch nicht. Sie vermissen eine Frau an ihrer Seite ...

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How to Talk So Teens Will Listen and Listen So ...
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Internationally acclaimed parenting experts Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish have helped millions of families with their breakthrough, best-selling books How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, Siblings Without Rivalry, and Liberated Parents, Liberated Children. Now, they return with a lively, down-to-earth guide that tackles the tough issues teens and parents face today. After years of research, lecturing, and feedback, Faber and Mazlish have developed an innovative approach to maintaining a candid, open, mutually respectful dialogue between parents and teens. It´s a strategy that curbs conflict, reduces frustration, and promotes thoughtful communication about everything from curfews and drugs to schoolwork and sex. Written in Faber and Mazlish´s trademark accessible style, How to Talk So Teens Will Listen and Listen So Teens Will Talk takes you inside their acclaimed workshops where you will hear, in the words of both parents and teens, what´s on the minds of families today. Packed with suggestions that are easy to implement, and reinforced with stories, this indispensable volume will help build a foundation for a healthy relationship that puts the emphasis on rapport rather than reprisals. From age-old concerns about cliques and dating to contemporary worries about binge drinking and cyberbullying, Faber and Mazlish help parents tackle problems before they get out of hand. In their warm, lucid, unpatronizing manner, the authors show families how to be supportive and stay connected during the challenging teenage years. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Ted Heath - All Time Top Twelve (LP)
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(Memoir) 12 Titel - Wiederveröffentlichung der original 1958er ´Decca´ LP Nowadays a lot of people are curious to see which popular songs will appear in the ´Top Twenty... Because of this Ted Heath began wondering what tunes had been most consistently popular over the years. He studied musical trade papers and the results of his research can be heard on this record. ´The Top Twelve Tunes of All Time´, skilfully orchestrated by Johnny Keating, are performed by Tod Heath and his Music with characteristic zest and precision. When Artie Shaw´s band rose to fame in 1938 it was partly through their recording of ´Begin The Beguine´. Until then nobody had taken much notice of the song, despite the fact that it came from the pen of Cole Porter, America´s master of sophisticated words and music, and originally formed part of the score he wrote for ´Jubilee´, a 1935 Broadway show. Since he left Russia as a youth just after World War I, Vernon Duke has composed music of all kinds, including several symphonies and concerti. But he is best-known, perhaps, for his popular songs. April in Paris, the most famous of these, was first heard in ´Walk A Little Faster´, produced in 1938 and starring the inimitable Beatrice Lillie. George Gershwin is the only composer to get two songs into the ´Top Twelve... The first of these, ´S´wonderful, comes from ´Funny Face,´ to 1927 show which featured the dancing and singing of Adele and Fred Astaire. The fluent solo playing on this track is by Frank Horrox, Keith Christie, Ronnie Chamberlain, Eddie Blair and Red Price. The second Gershwin tune, Somebody loves me, was first heard in ´George White´s Scandals of 1924´. Leslie Gilbert, Ted Heath´s lead alto-saxophonist, plays a supple, eloquent solo in Tenderly. This languorous melody by Walter Gross is one of the two post-war tunes included in this set. The other, Autumn leaves, was written by the French composer Joseph Kosma and published in France in 1947 as Les feuilles mortes, Johnny Mercer wrote the lyrics for the English version which appeared a year or so later. Kurt Weill studied with Humperdinck and Busoni in Berlin before arriving in the United States in 1935, a refugee from Nazi Germany. In 1938, he joined forces with Maxwell Anderson, the distinguished American play-wright, to create ´Knickerbocker Holiday´, to Broadway musical which had the late Walter Huston singing the nostalgic September song. The tune gained fresh popularity soon after World War Il when it was hoard in ´September Affair´, a film starring Joseph Cotton, Joan Fontaine and Francoise Rosay. Hoagy Carmichael started out as a law student but quickly found that he preferred music. The first tune he wrote--Riverboat shuffle—was recorded by the Wolverines, with Bix Beiderbecke playing the cornet. Stardust, published in 1929, remains his most famous song; indeed it came well ahead of all other tunes in the ´Top Twelve´. An interesting point is that although Johnny Keating wrote this arrangement especially for the recording session. it has since become the most requested number in Ted Heath´s repertoire Bobby Pratt and Bert Ezard are the featured trumpet soloists. ´No, No, Nanette´, starring Louis Groody and Charles Winninger, with music from the pen of Vincent Youmans, was one of the most popular musicals of the ´Twenties. Tea for two, the hit-song from that show, is smoothly performed by clarinettist Henry McKenzie. That fine song-writing team of Dorothy Fields (words) and Jimmy McHugh (music) created many excellent songs. None has proved more successful, however, than On the sunny side of the street. It was first heard in ´Lew Leslie´s International Revue´, produced in 1930 with a cast in-cluding Gertrude Lawrence and Harry Richman. Harold Arlen has composed scores for many films and stage shows (´The Wizard of Oz´ is an outstanding example) but many of his best songs were written for revues at the Cotton Club up in Harlem and played there by Duke Ellington´s orchestra. One of these, dating from 1932, is his charming I´ve got the world on a string. Walter Donaldson started writing songs during World War 1. How you gonna keep ´em down on the farm after they´ve seen Paree, was his first big hit. My blue heaven, which he composed in 1929, makes a fitting conclusion to this set of ´Twelve Top Tunes´. Not only a delightful collection of famous tunes, this LP could almost be called a miniature anthology of popular song during the past three decades. ´All British bands are

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