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Forties & Dating It Sucks! - Real Life Dating D...
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Im single, fabulous and in my Forties. I live in Los Angeles, CA. The dating scene for women in their Forties should be different than when youre dating in your twenties but its not. Forties and Dating It Sucks!.

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Roommate Menage: MILF Obsession (eBook, ePUB)
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Maria Lucy is back with another book and, this time, she´s bringing five tantalizing and steamy romantic short stories about young men and women carrying torrid affairs with sexy mature women. Josh Hartshoe is a 22-year old maintenance worker at an apartment complex on his way out the door for a much-deserved night off. He receives one last work order that seems simple enough, but then again, when Maryanne and Liz are involved, nothing comes easy. Maryanne and Liz are two recent divorcees who enjoy being single and living the high life. They always dress to impress and show off that you don´t have to look old and run down if you are in your forties. These women take what they want and love what they see in young Josh. What happens when Maryanne and Liz ask for far more than what they initially requested? Will Josh stay professional and handle these sexy cougars with care? Or, will he break all vows of employment and fall prey to their seductive ways? Best friends James and Trevor share an apartment together while they both go to college. Thankfully, James´ mother, Brandy covers the living expenses so they can both excel in their studies. They both fear her take-no-prisoners attitude and disciplinarian ways, so neither can afford to screw up in the slightest bit. College sweethearts, Trevor and Carmen, have been dating for a few weeks now but haven´t been truly intimate yet. At their first opportunity, Carmen skips class to meet up with Trevor at his apartment. What happens when Brandy pays an unannounced visit to her son´s apartment? Will Trevor ever be intimate with Carmen? Can Trevor convince his roommate´s mother to allow him to stay despite his mistake? Janice is a struggling door-to-door saleswoman running a business with her unfaithful husband. After a string of no sales and then confirming her husband´s infidelities, Janice snaps. Bent on revenge, the 40-year old voluptuous beauty vows to unleash her sexual inhibitions on the first willing man. Tom is enjoying a much-needed day off from work when Janice pays his house a visit. He welcomes the distraught saleswoman into his home and offers a shoulder to cry on. However, Tom ends up lending more than his ear to the distressed woman. What happens when Janice is at her rope´s end after one too many rejections? Will Tom resist temptation and buy Janice´s expensive goods to send her away? How will Tom´s roommate, Frank react when he stumbles in on the two random lovers? Rick and Paul are close friends and roommates who enjoy most everything together. After a late night of partying together, Rick accidentally witnesses something that wasn´t intended for his eyes. When Rick is confronted by his sexy female neighbor for being a Peeping Tom, he isn´t sure how to respond. To make matters worse, somehow his roommate Paul is involved, adding more confusion to the chaos. What does Rick see that creates so many problems? Who is this gorgeous neighbor Jeanette and what does she want with both young men? And, will their friendship weather this rocky experience? Chaz Montgomery is a 19-year old student on a wrestling scholarship to a highly reputable college. Far out of his element, young Chaz experiences many new and exciting things that test his dedication to sports and college studies. What happens when Chaz´s landlady, Sylvia walks in on him during his alone time? Will Chaz refuse and face the consequences of being kicked out? Or, will temptation, lust, and living life on the edge break this straight-laced boy next door? Find out more in the Roommate Menage: MILF Obsession!

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